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Hi Everyone!

I have missed you guys so much! So much has happened since I posted last, and it would take 5 pages to tell it all! LOL :) Here's the short of it:

1. We finally moved into our first house in January! :) It's awesome, with the exception of no internet due to no DSL yet in the area. :(

2. I tapered off of Oxycontin and Cymbalta getting ready to try and have a baby. God had other plans.

3. The large hernia I had tore and I started getting sick all the time. Turns out....intermittent bowel obstructions. After seeing the OB and a surgeon, they decided I could not carry a baby without this being repaired first. :( That was a hard day. On 03/28/08, I had surgery to repair it. I had a 9 inch vertical incision, a drain, and a long hospital stay.

4. I did so well in my recovery, I KNEW that this surgeon FINALLY fixed the problem!! This is the 3rd surgery for the same problem!:( I had a great recovery for the first four weeks.

5. Then, I developed a fever, and an abdominal abcess. I just got out of the hospital last week after another 8 day stay! They fixed the abcess, but gave me a blood clot!:mad: Now I am taking Coumadin, and they say I cannot try to concieve until I am done with the blood thinner treatment...........................in November...........sigh......no baby again....

6. I am supposed to start work again at the end of the month.

I am soooooooooooooooo HAPPY I can post! :):) We still do not have DSL, but my sweetie finally just put dial-up on our pc so that I can post! :) HI!!!!

How is everyone? What have I missed? I missed you guys so much! So Hi! I'm back!

Your Friend,

I am so sorry to read what happened to you. Goshhhh, I feel so bad!:mad:

Hopefully you will start to feel better from now on. Be very careful on Coumadin though, don't miss your blood work and watch for symptoms (like bruising easily, etc.). I am on it too so can share some experience with you.

Take good care of yourself and hopefuly soon you will be able to have your baby, dear heart...:angel: