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Hi Everyone,

For those of you waiting to hear from the doctor's, I am sorry I did not post until now. I was too exhausted and in too much pain. I was very unhappy with the results of this much anticipated doctors appt. I updated the appointment on my other post. Please read it if you want.

The OBGYN's tech did the ultrasound. My uterus was turned completely the wrong way. It is supposed to lay horizontal, and mine is vertical. (The tech did not know why, but I know it's a clear indication of scar tissue and adhesions). She could not find my left ovary at all, just stated that it was "not where is was supposed to me." She did an abdominal and vaginal ultrasound trying to see it, but never could.

Of course the first thing out of her mouth, was that this test was not painful. I have been through such hell, it is hard to not hate someone so idiotic. Of course it hurt, and I was gasping trying to get through it. She found my right ovary and there are TWO cysts now, not the one cyst found in the CAT scan 9 days earlier. One is inside the ovary, the other is attached to the outside of the ovary, but right on top of the other one. They are each 4cm, for a total of 8cm.

Long story short, the OB said that these cysts were fine, and no need to even watch them. She said that she did not think they were causing my nausea, vomiting, or pain. She stated that I needed to lose weight, and that I needed to have a period since I have not had one since May. She wanted to put me on some horomones to "bring one on". I looked at her like she was crazy!:( My periods are one of the most excrutiating things I go through. All in all, she said my pain must be from the surgery, and to see the surgeon. :( They all just want to pass me off.

I went to the coumadin clinic for my bloodclot. Well my blood is not thin enough, so now I have to give myself some every painful shots in the stomach. (Yep, the same stomach that is in agony from nerve pain, muscle pain, pelvic pain, you name it!) I saw my GP after this, and I was in so much pain, and so stressed that my BP was 171/113. (I do not have high blood pressure). My GP said that there is really nothing he can do, I am already on way too much pain medication, and he does not know what to do for me.

I cried all the way home. Work called and left me nasty messages about I better have this excuse and that excuse first thing Monday....blah, blah, blah. My pain was so bad, and I just could rest or get comfortable. Then, the unthinkable happens......I started my period!:o What terrible timing, not that there is even a good time for excrutiating pain, but..... I was up all night, then this morning I see that I am bleeding extremely heavily. I call the coumadin place, no one to call on weekends!:mad: I finally talked to my pharmacist who just tells me to look out for lightheadedness and fainting.

What is wrong with me? Will I ever get well? Thanks for listening.

Your Friend,