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I'm so sorry. I hope someone on here with an official medical background can comment on your massive period with the coumadin. I am telling you, when I had that first period after several months, I seriously thought I was dying. I didn't know someone could bleed that much and be "normal". If it is truly your period, then that is a shedding of an existing (yet overgrown due to months of no period) uterine lining. I just am not sure if the coumadin would have any effect on that. I am hoping it is all one big bad coincidence and if someone could just treat your pain.

Your uterus is contracting likely to shed the blood and this is pulling on your already twisted ovary and who knows what else. I understand about how you have previously been treated at ER's but at this point, can you afford not to go? At least you would have the medical records for your lawsuit(s) later!! I would hope that you could be admitted for IV pain meds and sleeping. Please put aside your fear for now and go!!

(P.S. During that nightmare period I am referring to, I was hospitalized for another reason overnight - I had both flu strains A and B at the same time and was dehydrated. The nurse had quite a time keeping my bed clean with my gushing horrible period situation. And yet, it was all considered normal.

When I later finally went to an gynecologist, she said that when the body skips periods, and then finally has one, the lining doesn't often shed fully and entirely. It becomes one big hormonal mess. This is why they then want you to take something like Provera to bring on a "normal " period and get your uterus lined out.

I am so sorry you are suffering so much and I'm sure Chris is about fit to be tied along with feeling helpless. I hope you either make it to an ER or find a way to make it until tomorrow morning when you can go see your regular doc. I would be very tempted to mention lawsuit while I was there. I don't know. Hopefully someone else can offer the best advice for you.