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PAC: prem ATRIAL constricition. same as PVC, but only in the atrium. how can you feel the difference?

i had atrial fib and had ablation about 8 months ago. dr thought all was ok. now i get pacs. they found this out after 4 days of tests at our university and after a ride from our hometown er to the univ. er. they don't seems to worry much but i keep telling them about my symptoms. upon any amt. of exercise that i have to walk and stand for a few hours, i get weak, dizzy, sweaty, and out of breath. a 30 day monitor showed nothing. all tests are good. once again, i was on a monitor, 24 hr this time. yes! my symptoms happend while i was wearing it (1st time ever). this time we walked the mall for exercise and they were so bad, i had to rest while panting for air two times before i could proceed to the car. i am sure if i did not have a seat to sit on and rest, i would have passed out soon. i had done this before too. my univ. dr. was faxed the results. they told me here that my pulse went up to 230. i am sure he will once again tell me i am fine. i am tired of 8 months of almost sitting most of the time. usually i am quite active but can't even exercise with friends anymore. did i tell you i am 64?. he previously took me off cardizem, coumadin, rhythmol, and cut my toprol to 100 mg. i still had the symptoms. because my bp and hr shot up and now stays high, they doubled my toprol to 200 and put me on cozaar from my bp. where will it end? i fell like i have the top notch dr. baffled.