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Hi, I was on Altace for about 6 months, but due to the constant cough that I kept having my Dr switched me to to 25mg of Cozaar. Any one know what the difference is?


Cozaar is an angiotensin 2 receptor blocker- ARB ) and this class of drugs is often prescribed when The Cough develops in someone who is otherwise benefiting from an ACE inhibitor like Altace. (wish there was an "smilie emoticon" for someone hacking away!)
Anyway, cozaar is a good alternative.

Some info on their similarity:

Regarding Altace and ACE Inhibitors in general:
ACE stands for Angiotensin Converting Enzyme. This enzyme activates a hormone in your body called angiotensin. Once angiotensin is activated, it causes several potentially harmful reactions such as blood vessel constriction which can lead to HBP and ultimately, as we all know, put a strain on the heart.
ACE drugs inhibit this enzyme and therefore prevent the activation of angiotensin.
Result: dilated blood vessels, lower blood pressure, less strain on heart. Guuuud.
Potential Side effect: Cough. Baaaaad.

Now here come the the ARBS (cozaar, Diovan, Benicar et al)....
The ARBs prevent angiotensin from binding to its receptor in the walls of blood vessels.
Result: same as the ACEs. But without the HACKING!

zuzu xx
Thanks for your responce. I feel much better now. I was worried that using the Cozaar would not be as good as the Altace and thus not help my Ejection Fraction problem.

Thanks again,