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Since nobody makes a LA Hydrocodone and doctors seem to be stuck on a certain drug manufactures whether it be Norco, Lortab, or whatever, you can do what I did several years ago. I was taking Hydrocodone instead of the more potent LA opiates. My doctor would simply write the script for Hydrocodone 10/325. My pharmacist when then fill the script with the generic they used. In my case it was Watson's version of the 10 mg Hydro.

I remember I did email back and forth with a guy who was having a compound pharmacy make up his meds with his doctor's script. He got his hydro 15/80 and it was still a schedule III. I was unable to find a compound pharmacy in my area, so I didn't pursue it. I did call my insuarnce company (Blue Cross) and they said they would cover it under my plan. It would be considered a mail order drug, which we have the option to do. I use it for my maintainence drugs, such as Cozaar, Nexium, Lexapro, etc.

There are ways to get higher doses of Hydrocodone with lower apap, but they tend to be more expensive. That's why the insurance company considers them a mail order drug, which has a higher co-pay. Maybe some day soon, they will make a true LA Hydro.