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I have lived quite happily with CHD since 1986..I have 2 stents and an artificial mitral valve.

Then I began to feel breathless and after a heart monitor test, an echo and a myocardial perfusion test, the cardio. says my heart muscle is not working as well as it should and that I also have atrial fibrillation.

He started me off on 250 microgrammes of digoxin and 40 mg of Frusemide.

In addition I was already taking 50mg of Cozaar for BP. 10mg Zocor for high cholesterol and 5mg of Warfarin.

After just a day of taking the digoxin and Frusemide, I felt terrible. I persevered until Wednesday , but then contacted the cardio. He told me to stop the digoxin but stay on the Frusemide. This am I woke up feeling reasonably OK , but then I took the frusemide and inside an hour, I started to feel awful.

Has anyone else any experience of these 2 drugs?

I had been taking another diuretic, Bendrofluazide, which had no side effects.

Why is Frusemide the preferred drug?

I often have bad reactions to drugs, but I am desperate for the Cardio. to find a drug which relieves Atrial fibrillation without all these terrible effects.