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Hey bcruth: I've been following the posts on your thread and wanted to jump in with a few things about IBS. I had stomach surgery in 1975, due to a perforated ulcer. They removed about 60% of my stomach, some small intestine and then hooked me back together. What I have now is IBS (diarrhea type) and bad pain and cramps in the abdomen. I have tried the full course of treatments and drugs for this condition without success and also pain meds. I went through all the short acting, then the long acting starting with Oxycontin. I have also been on the Fentenyl patch and now I'm on Methadone, 60 mg TID, 180 mg a day. Besides Meth, I take Lrexapro, Nexium, Cozaar (blood pressure), Elavil, Klonapin, and Ambien.

I am on Social Security Disability and at the time manage pretty good. IBS is definitely caused or exasperated by stress. Mine was my work, but I still have the pain, but probably less than when I was working. It can be worsened by certain foods and make trips to the bathroom very frequent.

My PCP is prescribing my meds, but he sent me to a GI doc several years ago and that was who made the diagnoises. If you've tried everything like I did, then my advice would be to find a doctor who is understanding enough and is knowledgable with IBS and will prescribe pain meds to keep you as comfortable as possible. The Methadone I take, does a pretty good job. The Oxycontin worked well too, but your tolerance goes up quite fast. That is why I'm at 180 with the Meth. See if you can start with a short acting med, like Hydrocodone, to see if you get relief with it. Then go from there. Good luck and I hope you'll find some relief from your pain.