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I've been on diovan 80mg for 3 years or so. My side effects that I know about are: swollen throat/tongue, weight gain, sore feet, water weight gain also... it shows on my face.
Does anyone know of a BP med. without side effects? Also, what about diuretics, how well do they work on BP?

Diuretics can really work well on BP. I know that some people worry about them raising glucose levels but my doc told me that Lasix has been shown to not do that much. He even gave it to my wife who has diabetes to take "occassionally" for migraines. With me, it raised my glucose about 0-10 points but if I took it in the morning that seemed to erase some of it.
Lenin has been using Lasix on a regular basis and loves it. I personally like it for occassional use. They will REALLY drop BP rather nicely. Make sure that you take potassium supplements with them though.

Also, cozaar actually worked better for me in comparison to Diovan in regard to side affects. I am now experimenting with a very small amount of Cozaar, about 15 Mg. (if you can believe it splitting) :D and about 15 Mg. of Verapamil together. I may get this combo right yet ! :D
I have actually liked both of them for various reasons.

But, all BP meds work differently for different people. You may hit one and love it causing you no side affects. This is where a good doctor can help you find the right one EVEN if it means going through ALL of them until you do.