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I’m cutting back on some meds but my noon till 4 PM readings average 100/65. Of course I can’t stand up too quickly without dizziness and feel very dull, “logi” from 10 AM til 4 PM -take my first meds at 8 AM second at 8 PM. I now take NO Salt or Coffee. Is this BPgeting TOO low?

History: two weeks ago, while driving, got crosseyed and dizzy, vomiting, after sleeping and waking still cross-eyed, next day flown to nearby hospital and had CAT scan, and many other tests. It seems they diagnosed a ‘micro’ stroke, because of untreated HP and if another, it would be more serious. For a week they monitored and built me a plethora of meds to slowly bring BP down. In two days the vision returned to normal and by release time, one week later, my waking morning BP was 140/95. -highest was 190/120 ( it seems while sleeping, my BP is OK)

My local doc and I are adjusting the many meds to find and/or lessen the ‘zombie’ feelings...

I WAS on 8meds: 8 AM AND 8PM (twice a day plus extras)
12mg Hhydochlorothiazide, (once a day) 10mg Enalopril, 5mg Amlodipine, 100mg Labetalol, 250mg metholdopa

I’m now on a reduced 6-7 meds
no metholdopa and no amlodipine and just 50mg labetalol twice a day

6 PM: 50mg Cozaar
evening: 80mg ASA and 20mg simvastatin

Morinng spike at home, went from 140/100 to 115/82 My midday lows are109/72 to 95/65 with an average pulse of 66. What wories me is looking at the 4 or 5 times a day for 10 days -is ALL readings are slowly going down!