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I went to (my first) heart failure specialist yesterday. He was easy to talk to and I think he's a keeper. This is what I know thus far: BNP came back a little over 100, based on BNP, vitals, and listening to heart/lungs, conclusion is I'm not in heart failure.
Last August I had an ef of 30%, we have scheduled another echo next Tuesday. We stopped the Cozaar and started 8mg of Atacand (will try to titrate to 32 mg). Once the echo results come in, we will discuss upgrading my PCD (pacemaker cardioverter defibrillator) to a bi-ventricular device. The 30% ef qualifies or at least meets part of the criteria for a BIV.
Also, the Coreg dosage I'm on is too low and he wants to aggressively increase meds. and make changes to meds., etc...
I am for all of this, but my BP fluctuates up and down, sometimes so low I've needed a wheel-chair and needed to be in a scooter at Wal-mart. I'm a little scared but I'm willing to give it another try. He said these meds do not 'prevent' heart failure but can slow down the progression of the disease. Has anyone on here had a BNP and what was your number and what are your symptoms? I've noticed a marked difference in my energy and expected a higher reading. Believe me, I'm happy with the 100. Maybe it's the ef causing my symptoms of severe fatigue, weakness, and (yes) hypotension. I can't make any sense out of this. I'm rambling. Thanks for anyone who can shed some light on this. Penk