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The beta blockers and Clonidine were invented in 1974. As far as I know no BP meds that lower heart rate have been made since. I have a friend who is having a terrible time lowering his blood pressure. He was given 100mg of Cozaar today, and is hoping that is going to work. For some reason the Lisinopril isn't working anymore. My question is: do the heart-rate lowering drugs (beta blockers & Clonidine) usually work better than the ACES and ARBS? I'm thinking they might, because why are they still prescribed after 32 years when there are ACES & ARBs with less side effects. Please let me know your opinions. Thanks.

I don't have any experience with clonidine, but on the Cozaar (losartan) issue, I've found it to be much weaker than most of the ACEI's. If your friend can split those pesky tear shaped pills into reasonable approximations of halves, have him dose twice a day with the halves. I find it gives me more even coverage than once a day dosing.

Incidentally, when an ACE stops working it's usually because the body has started using an alternate enzyme, chymase, to make more and more Angiotensin-2 instead of the ACE.

The ARB will block ANY souce of Angiotensin-2 to a degree but this might result in the long term ability of the body to make more and more Ang-2. If his numbers aren't good enough, have him add a diuretic.
Cozaar isn't a strong drug but the side effects are very few.