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If the enalapril worked well for you BP wise, then you will probably get good numbers with an ARB because bothework on the renin-angiotensin system. If you are in the minority with salt-sensitive volume driven hypertension, then neither classs works well.

Ask you doctor for DIOVAN, perhaps 160 mg. taken once a day. Don't do Cozaar or Hyzaar because losartan tends to be the weakes of the ARB's.
Why the markup for the weaker drugs: because they CAN and there's no generic equivalent yet!
The ACE drugs don't interfere with glucose, that's why I rejected my Dr's first 2 prescriptions [for Beta blocker, and calcium blocker, which is a little better than Beta glucose-wise] and insisted on ACE. The dr. was wrong, even the Pharmacist said so. The ARB's also don"t interfere with glucose either, working similarly to ACE [but not 'exactly' the same] and is the replacement for it if there's too much coughing with the ACE.... but I have to find an ARB that doesn't have a hair loss [and weight gain] side affect. When calling the Diovan company back, they didn't deny there is hair loss, not common they claim but yes, it is a possible side effect. Cozaar is another ARB which I looked up on that site of patient reviews and didn't see any complaints, but not many reviews either, compared to Diovan's 109...... guess Diovan is the most popular ARB. But everyone went off of them because of their side affects. Have your mother discuss this with her doctor if her BP meds are affecting her sugar levels because she doen't have to 'tolerate' it at all, and her doctor should know that. There are alternatives that don't, and the ACE's are supposed to be the best if not having the cough factor, which it did for me but not for everyone, but I think for most.

Also...... I decided to take 3/4's of my ACE 'Enalapril' instead of only one half, which DID stop the side affects, but didn't lower my BP, since I won't take my Diavan. So now I have to experiment. The HALF I was taking when very upset about the cough having gotten so much worse during that week, so I now want to see if the aggravation was what was raising my pressure or reducing to half the pill. There is a woman on the enalapril page who is also taking half [2.50 instead of 5 mgs] and it works fine for her pressure, so during a calm period I want to see if that works for me, because with only half a pill, i FEEL fantastic.... no grogginess or fatigue, I no longer wake up feeling drugged, no coughing and everything is different and I feel like myself again. The 3/4's [adding another 1/4th last night] is too soon to tell, but I want to go back to half tonight to see if I can stay with that and if it's effective in lowering it. My BP was 142 on one meter and 133 on the other this morning, which I haven't seen since the E's coughing got so bad, [over a week] so maybe I'll be able to get by with a lower dose which has no side effects. Whew, this is exhausting me, but hopefully I have more of a handle on it..... otherwise, I'm investigating the other ARB's aside from Diovan, if the small dose of the Enalapril doesn't work. A whole pill keeps my pressure in the 120's/60's 70's and sometimes less and works beautifully, so that's why I'm so upset.
Well, can't take a drug with expectations of resolution when DISCONTINUING it lol..... BP pills are usually an ongoing thing. I've tried to look up Benicar yesterday reviews on that same site but it's not there. Wonder why. A personal friend's Dr. daughter in law mentioned it along with Cozaar, which I did find, but not too many for that I'm taking 5000 mcg per day to try to help my hair and don't want anything fighting it.