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I got off of the water pill and started taking a natural form of magnesium and now I do not have high blood pressure. My last 2 times at the dr it was 122/84. Please check with your dr ASAP. Best wishes. I am 52.

What is a natural form of magnesium? I have magnesium oxide 250 mg but it doesn't seem to do anything.

I take Cozaar. It doesn't work (for me) unless I take a diuretic alternate days. My bp seems to rise as my water retention increases. I have cut salt out of my diet to the point that I'll get a headache and have to eat something salty periodically. If I can find a natural diuretic that is safe to take daily and works, I don't think I'd have a bp problem. Any suggestions?

I tried Trim Spa H2O formula which drove my bp to 230/130 and I didn't notice any decrease in water retention.