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Hello folks

I already take 25mg of HCTZ, but it's not enough. My doctor suggested adding cozaar, and lotensin has also been suggested. I'm a very young 48, extremely active, and I want to avoid a beta-blocker (my first med was lopressor, 10 years ago, , and I'm still suffering the ill-affects of that drug).

Thanks in advance
I'd try an ACE inhibitor first but not necessarily lotensin because it's one of the more expensive ones. (Like 5 times the cost of captopril.)

If you don't COUGH incessantly, you are home free. IF you develop the awful ACE HACK then move on to the ARB's...use Diovan or Benecol instead of Cozaar because losartan is probably the poorest of the ARB's.

If you are planning a pregnancy (if it's posssible, :) ) don't do the ACE route.