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The water pill will make you go pee more. That's what it is for to get more liguids out. Because your bp runs high at the doc's off you might have what they call white coat symdrom, but most doc's don't believe in it. Has your doc ever had you do holter monitor? You might want to ask him about this.

It's where you wear the device for 24 hours or 48 hours depending what the doctor wants. I'm a medical asst and in our office we are lucky to have one of our sales rep to acutally supplies a monitor for us. We let our patients go home with it and come back the next day so we can see what goes on. There are many factors for high bp. And the number one is everyday stress.

I also have high bp. Cozaar and altace gave me a dry cough I'm now on bencar and it look likes this might be working. My doc has only increased it twice so far. It takes a while to find that magic med. so don't give up!

Another thing you might want to do is to bring in you bp monitor that you use at home and have it tested right in the office to see what you get with it while you are there. Most medical asst can do this for you. Also differnt bp machines can give different readings depending where they are put on your body.

This just my two cents worth, hope it helps

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