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I take Cozaar-Lasix and KCl (20 MeQ...800mg potassium.) I think the Lasix KCl might ddo the trick when I run out of Cozaar.
Sometimes I take 50 mg. C, 40 mg. L ONCE per day, sometimes TWICE if I'm gorging on the salt and my numbers and my weight slide up.

Cozaar addition: in some people taking diuretics there is an increase in Renin> angiotensin-2 to counteract the fall in fluid volume from the diuretic...the Cozaar can take care of that.

IF I could eat 1,000 mg salt per day I'd have ZERO need for any of these drugs, but I'm human and don;t want to spend all day in the kitchen and thus need convenience food...SALT!:wave:

Why not give Lasix-KCl a try. Start with 40 mg./day either once or twice. It's a cheap drug. Get your potassium measured in 30 days though...it depletes potassium pretty regularly.
Lenin - I was taking Lozide (diuretic) with atenolol, but as I mentioned, my potassium level was slighly low, so my doctor substituted Micardis Plus (the plus is the diuretic). My last blood test in July showed normal potassium levels. I know all about Lasix - my Mom takes it - she has CHF and DCM and it works well for her. My doctor told me the Micardis Plus has less diuretic than Lozide. I'm getting dizzy from all these meds!!! Oh yes, my mom also takes Cozaar among others.