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I have 2 DISTINCTLY different exercises on alternating days: very aerobic and very anaerobic. On the aerobic day, my heart rate is consistently monitored by machine and the machine even gears the resistance to keep the rate steady at 80% of my maximum rate...I put in my age, weight, and desired time at the start. It starts with fairly high resistance to get the rate up fast.

On anaeobic day (iron day) I have no concern for heart rate and try to work my muscles (about a half body each time) slowly to the point of exaustion. This is the harder workout becasue it requires the BRAIN to do all the pushing. Easier if the MACHINE provides the inducement.:D:D

I check my BP occasionally 5 minutes or so after each type of workout...it is usuallly DOWN after thye aerobics, unchanged after the anaerobic (but ususally falls after I get upstairs and comfy (gym is in my building.)

I am a pure salt driven hypertensive and take Lasix and Cozaar but the Cozaar only because I have a bundle of it AND it is uricosuric but it doesn NOTHING for my blood presssure. WHen I run out, I run out. KCl just in case the Lasix runs my potasssium down. It sounds like you are a more normal

What happens when I stop taking the meds? My BP slides up to 135-140/85ish and won't go into the danger zone unless I have WAY too much salt...but a bafgg of Amish pretzels will put me into the red zone for a day or two.

I USED to take daily HCTZ for decades but switched to Lasix over the fear of ED that is so highly trumpeted with thiazides. I think I liked the way thiazides acted but they also gave me a consistently VERY low serum sodium (go figger)...albeit symptomsless. Lasix gives me normal sodium levels.

40 mg. Lasix + 50 mg TWICE per day Cozaar gives me readings of <120/70ONCE per day and I have <130/80. I have been keepiing to ONCE per day unless I suffer a HORRIBLE salt INSULT and see my weight and BP spiike up...then I do 2 days of TWICE daily dosing.