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Hi GeorgeP,

I've been on Benicar for approx. 3 months. This has been the most potent of all ARB's I've taken. Much stronger than DIOVAN, COZAAR. I take 10 mg a day. (I split a 20 mg tablet in half). At my last checkup, my blood pressure was a perfect 120/70... I believe 10 mg of Benicar is much more potent than COZAAR 50mg and DIOVAN 80..

I believe it's best to start with a lower dose with these newer more potent medications (such as Benicar). 40/20 is considered the maximal dose. If 10 mg makes me a bit lightheaded, I can imagine how I would feel taking 4 times that amount + a diuretic.

I take 10 mg of plain Benicar without the diuretic with almost no side effects. My only concern about this medication is that research studies have been very limited, and it's the newest pill of the ARB class. Newer and more potent doesn't always mean better. (Remember VIOXX and BAYCHOL).

As a suggestion, ask your MD if you can either split your pill in half (20/10)
or take plain Benicar without the diuretic component.

I hope this information was helpful...