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Sorry I missed your post but maybe you'll see this before you get to the doctor.

If the Lisinopril causes severe problems then all ACE!'s likely will...so they are out.

ARB's are weak...but gentle.

If HCTZ is out (why?) then the OTHER diuretic to try is the loop diuretic Lasix (generic as furosemide)...40 mg. twice a day. It is wise to take KCl (20 MEq) with it to prevent too low a potassium. Both are very cheap. Furosemide works VERY much diifferently from HCTZ.

Worth a try.

Why was HCTZ a no-no?

(Thing is that those who respond very well to an ACEI are Renin-driven hypertensive whereas diuretics work best for people who are salt-senitive, low-Renin or V-type (V for volume) hypertensives.)
But it;s worth a try.

I take furosemide (and KCl) and a low dose of Cozaar and I get good numbers.