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Well, went to my new doc on Tuesday and he prescribed Cozaar, 25 mg. Since then I have been getting readings in the 130-135/82-88 range, so it seems to be having an effect. No side effects thus far, so we'll see.

I must say I had a good experience with this fellow. He indicated that he preferred NOT to prescribe CCBs, but tried to encourage me to take a beta blocker, said that it works well for anxious people like myself. I said I didn't want to try it, so he said "OK. Let's try an ARB." He also joked around about ENTs hating dizziness (which I also have; I also post on the Inner Ear board) and recomended a neuro otologist, which he said "love dizziness."

Hopefully, some good will come from this.

Regards, Brenden.
Hi Brenden,

My doctor told me the same thing about Beta-Blocker 4.5 years ago. I was on Zebeta for 3.5 years, I can't tell you how much I hated this drug. It caused depression, impaired concentration and vision problems and of course I couldn't exercise for even 20 minutes without feeling that I'm doing to die. :(

I have tried Cozaar but it was killing me, the second day I felt so dizzy and so tired to the point that I couldn't move around. I'm on on Diltiazem and it's the best between all those meds.

You have great readings with 25 mg of Cozaar athough it's a weak drug but your readings are great for this dosage.
Good Luck,