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I have been taking Cozaar for the last 2 weeks with moderate success. My readings are usually at or below 140/90 with taking only 25 mg. per day. I have posted once before about my own experience regarding stress induced BP spikes, so I won't repeat the post. But, to recap, I experienced a sustained spike of high 170s/105+ due to stress.

After 2 weeks now of better readings, I received an email that, while not in itself stressful, I felt myself anticipating trouble down the road from what I read. To make it short, I felt very anxious and decided to check my BP, and though it had been 138/86 just an hour earlier, it was 174/105 after reading this email.

I started thinking: the feeling I was experiencing after reading that email, is the same feeling I get often during the day when dealing with day to day difficulties. Since I don't monitor my BP 24/7, is it possible that I have spikes like that on a regular basis?

When I saw my doctor, he wanted to prescribe me a beta blocker, but I was reluctant, so he put me on Cozaar. He did, though, make a comment that got me wondering. He said that he had prescribed beta blockers to people who suffer from stage fright and have to speak in front of crowds regularly. He said that the drug blocks adrenaline and helps to calm people with severe anxiety. Is it possible that this is something I should be looking into taking? Has anyone on this board suffered from spikes due to anxiety and benefitted at all from using a beta blocker?

Regards, Brenden.

P.S. Merry Christmas!