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Those ARB's are patent-protected-pains!
[QUOTE]The first angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB) to lose patent protection will be Merck & Co.'s Cozaar (losartan) in Spain in 2007. In the US, Cozaar will lose protection in 2010. This event has the potential to not only dramatically affect the antihypertensive market, but alter its entire structure.

I wonder what is so special about SPAIN!

And for your case:
[QUOTE]Valsartan, Diovan’s active ingredient, is covered
by a compound patent through 2012 in the US, and through 2011-13 in other markets.


I guess we'll start seeing internet ads for Spanish Cozaar soon? I'm afraid to order drugs that way though; I read as much as 50% of the drugs are bogus...thus, too much risk.