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I am finishing my fourth week on Cozaar, 25 mg. Prior to taking it, my unmedicated pressures varied from 138/88 to 160/102, with any of those readings being equaly possible throughout the day, though the higher readings were typically in the morning, and the best reading were usually mid afternnon.

Now my readings are anywhere in the 135/85 to 145/95 range, with an occasional spike higher, but not more than every 2 or 3 days. Should I be satisfied, or should I ask to add something or up the dose? So far, no obvious side effects that I can tell.

Regards, Brenden.
That is a VERY small dose of Cozaar, a rather weak ARB. Up it to AT LEAST 50 mg. (the recommended starting dosage) and consider splitting it into two doses taken 12 hours apart for more even coverage.

Even 100 mg./day doesn't move mountains.

For best effect, tie it to a diuretic.