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I am having trouble finding the correct medication for High Blood pressure for over a year. I have been on Cozaar since Mid December and two weeks ago I increased the medication to 50mg a day. Two days ago I went into ER with my blood pressure over 200/93/103. They kept me overnight and said I may have vertigo and gave me Meclizine. I have always had problems taking medication and I feel if I can not get my blood pressure under control I will have a stroke. I also take Hctz 25 mg 1x day for over 3 yrs and potassium 20 mg 2x a day.

Has anyone had better results with this medication or similar experiences?
Cozaar is not the storngest drug around and 50 mg. is not a large dose.

Why not try taking 50 mg. morning and night instead.

Is that potassium 20 mg. or 20 Meq???? There is a HUGE difference.
I take 20 mg. of potassium. The other is just for the vertigo that they said I had when in ER. I never had vertigo that is why I think it is the medication Cozaar. thanks you for replying!