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I've been on Sotalol (80 mg twice per day) for about four years. Had to start it while monitored in the hospital, after having paroxymal afib for several years. Had two electric cardioversions and neither lasted for more than a month. The last cardioversion lasted two weeks, and my cardiologist put me in the hospital to start Sotalol..

Like other beta blockers, it will slow your heart down. My resting heart rate has always been slow, and the new medicine slowed it to about 48 bpm. If I really exerted myself, I might get my heart rate up to 95 - 100. So nuclear stress tests are done chemically rather than on a treadmill.

Do you take coumadin for your afib? I have been on coumadin now for several years and of course have to have my INR (prothrombin time) checked monthly.

I had a severe MI in 1974, 6 bypass surgery in 1981. I also have high blood pressure, high choloresterol plus a number of other problems including congestive heart failure. I take Vytorin, Cozaar, Norvasc, Sotalol, warfarin, Flomax without apparent interaction problems.

I am just grateful as can be that my cardiologist put me on Sotalol HCl, because it has really done a good job on my afib. Another possibility would have been amiodarone, but that has huge and serious side effects.

Be glad to try to answer questions you may have about my experiences with Sotalol.