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You are a salt-sensitive hypertensive to the enth degree...even more than I.:)
We get a dramatic BP lowering from either strict salt control (tough to do) or diuretics (easy as pie!)

You have found your answer...HCTZ + ACE inhibitor.
That's what I'd do but I'm a cougher so for me it's diuretic (Lasix) + ARB (Cozaar.) It is possible that even the lisinopril is useless for you...it is for RENIN type hypertensives. I toook enalapril for 6 months with no effect at all. I'd stop my Cozaar but it is useful for preventing potassium excretion and INCREASING uric acid excretion and I have gout. Gout people have to be careful with diuretics.

If you want to raise your BP a bit why not try the HCTZ alone and see what numbers you get. Follow the old dictum of trying to increase the potassium in your diet. Every doctor's visit have your sodium and potassium tested. HCTZ has a way of overlowering sodium in some people. That's why I switched to Lasix.