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Do the best you can with the splitting...I do the same with the teardrop shaped Cozaar.
Split the 160's in half and take one every 18 hours. (that's six hours earlier each day: midnight, 6PM, Noon, 6 AM, Midnight...etc.) earlier every day Tedious, but that will get you exactly 120 mg./day dosing and a price that is 2/3 of $72 per month.
And since Diovan has a half life of only agout 6 hours, your coverage will be more even.

I'll BET that the dizziness is caused by the Claritin though. Take only the Diovan for several days and IF the hives appear, then stop the Diovan for a few more days and see if the hives stop.
Basically, what I am saying is that if the Diovan is CAUSING the hives, then the proper response is to stop the drug rather than to medicate the hives. Hives are a sign of an allergic reaction and these can turn deadly.