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I am on a "non-drug trial" for the last month. I can attest to how easily one can get scared back on them with the slightest BP peak but as Vioet says, it is the long term average that is important. I'm holding below 140/80 for an average so I am still good to go.

I have awaken a couple mornings with my hands, knees, and lower back ACHEY with water retention but avoided the siren call of the Lasix. A trip to the gym with an hour on the elliptical and a delicious steam and sauna blows off the excess water (til I abuse more salt.)

My reason is tedious. I've taked daily allopurinol for 20 years and I have a recurring facial dermatitis, probably seborrheic. After decades of usem people can develop trouble with allopurinol for gout. I want to see what happens with no allopurinol for awhile. THe GOUT on the other hand was CAUSED by my use of thiazide diuretic...Lasix can do the same. THus I dare not continue diuretics without the allopurinol.

So to STOP the allopurinol, I must STOP the diuretic and as long as I'm stopping the Lasix I might as well stop the rather useless Cozaar too.

It's going well for me so far except for the one day a week I wake up filled with water and 5 pounds heavier! I HATE EDEMA:mad: !