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Hi Sonia,

Aldomet (mthyldopa) has a nasty side effect, it retains water and thus Lasix is an IDEAL companion.
I've taken Lasix 80 mg. and postassium 20 Meq., Lasix 40 mg. and 20 Meq for the last 2 years or so along with 50 mg. Cozaar. (Now trying NOTHING...fingers crossed)

I LIKE Lasix because it is fast acting and tends to dump WATER more than salt...thus my sodium stays normal, unlike with thiazides. It immediately relieves my morning fiunger and back bloat and actually FEELS good...how's THAT for a BP med!:D The SCALE also loves it.;)

I prefer once daily dosing because I found the second dose was almost noneffective except to cause serious dry mouth while sleeping. Once a day dosing allows for better managing the water works cycle. NEVER get on a train or a bus within 3 hours of taking the Lasix.

It is absorbed better in an alkaline medium so take it AFTER breakfast.
Take the potassium chloride WITH it and also after a meal becasue the KCl can irritate an empty stomach...it does mine. The 8 Meq. KCl is a small dose, about 300 mg. and about 10% of normal potassium intake so don't worry too much about when or how much. Your first blood test will let you know if you are taking enough.

Take the 20 mg. Lasix after breakfast each day and stay near a bathroom for 3 hours.

IF you are a salt sensitive hypertensive you might find that Lasix 40 mg. WITHOUT the methlydopa is your answer but time will tell. Aldomet is quite hard on the liver so it's not a first choice antihypertensive by ANY means.

Good luck.
There is much less sodium depletion from Lasix.


IF you are a salt sensitive hypertensive, you may find that LASIX and potassium are all you need and not everyone needs the potassium, the blood test will tell.

I am salt sensitive and I did a trial on myself:
I went a month with no drugs than added only Cozaar...my BP went UP 15 points with the losartan.:eek:
The next day I tried only Lasix and my systolic dropped 30 points along with a 5 pound weight loss.
So it's pretty clear what class of drugs salt-sensitive (Volume driven or V-type) hyperstensives do best on.

The reason that I continue to take Cozaar with it is that I have gout and losartan is uricosuric wheras all diuretics conserve uric acid...BAD.

If I were you, I would do a monthlong trial with JUST Lasix and potassium , and then if BP isn't good enough, add Benicar (who knows?)
As a last resort you can always throw the methlydopa into the mix if you MUST.:dizzy: