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I don't think I'm taking a diuretic right now. What class of drug is Cozaar? What are some of the effective diuretics? I was given something called HCTZ I think, and I had a bad reaction to it so I don't want to try that one again. Should I add a diuretic instead of the Norvasc? Thanks.
Hi Jones,

I've taken all 3 of the meds you mentioned. I currently take 1800mg Lebetalol & 25mg of HCTZ. It took about 2 yrs for me to go through all the classes of drugs & reach a stable b/p. I also did biofeedback & that b/p reducing machine that is advertized. A stress reduction plan is essential. I, too had a reaction to HCTZ but after analysis (mine) I found that it was probably the yellow dye #6 that had caused the allergic reaction. Saw a allerigist but he didn't think it was worth it to risk a "challenge dose of the med with the dye." My Dr. saw a diuretic was essential plus HCTZ was the drug of choice. So I asked her to order a epi-pen to inject in case of a reaction & then had a compound pharmacist make up HCTZ without the dye. It did the trick & lower my b/p. It's been two yrs now & I haven't had a reaction.

Lebetatlol is a more flexible drug as it is a apha/beta blocker which is better for those of us with high cholesterol plus it is less likely to increase blood sugar. It does have certain restrictions though. You need to take it with about the same amount of food especially each time. The amount of fat is important because it slows digestion so the drug doesn't just all land in the blood stream at the same time. The fat kind of acts like a time release mechanism for the drug. You can take an extra 100mg occasionally when you get stressed out & your b/p goes up (only with an okay from your Dr.) You won't get withdrawal like you might with a plain beta blocker. I didn't get any decrease in b/p with Cozaar only a drug induced Lupus reaction. Lebetalol needs to be titrated (this means to take a little every few days until you find the correct dose for you). Is that how you did it? Fam