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Hi NG,

You need to take both of your b/p monitors to your Dr. or to the ER (they often will take your b/p for free if they aren't too busy-I've both that before) to make sure they are accurate. It is important to use your cuff first to take your b/p at the Dr's otherwise you might get an inaccurate reading because the Dr's cuff collapses the blood vessel. This prevents your monitor from working because it measures b/p by sound waves.

A 2nd way is to have the nurse take your b/p with her machine & then wait at least 5 min before taking your b/p with your monitor. Which ever way you do it, remember that you are just looking for your b/p reading to be in a range not exactly the same.

When got my cozaar reaction & my hands were damaged I could no longer use my mercury type b/p machine. So I started testing different brands of b/p monitors. I thought they were all defective until I called one company & found out the above problem. Fam