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After taking Cozaar with only modest success, my Doc finally convinced me to try a beta blocker. So, since I didn't really want to take it, he prescribed the lowest dose, 25 mg. He told me I could start by cutting it in half. Well, after the first day, my pressure dropped to 135/85 and by the second day 130/80. Is it possible to be this sensitive to it? The typical dose is 50 mg. a day.

I was also wondering about the indications. I know Lenin had mentioned good results with diuretics indicating salt sensitive hypertension, and good readings with ACEs indicating renal hypertension (am I remembering correctly?). Any ideas what being this sensitive to a beta blocker might indicate.

Incidently, I forgot to take it this AM. and found a 157/100 reading at 1:30 PM. I took it, and at 5:00 got a 142/92 reading, right after sitting down after being quite active.

Regards, Brenden.