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I doubt that dropping from 25 mg. to 12.5 mg, should cause much difficulties unless you were on the 25 mg. for MANY years. THose are fairly low doses.

Let me toss in a personal observation. I find that if I take ONLY Cozaar without any diuretic, my blood pressure will go UP over 10 points from baseline (NO DRUGS.) You might be the same type of person for whom angiotensin receptor blockers like Avapro are useless.
Have you ever been on a diuretic? If not, maybe it's a good choice.

What I'm getting at is that your problem might have been that you were weaning off a drug that works onto one that not only DOESN'T work, but RAISES your blood pressure.
(You won't find this info anywhere...it's my very personal observation about how the salt sensitive minority is different from the majority of hypertensives.)