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I have been taking Methadone for four+ years due to chronic pain. The script is written 60 mg TID (180 mg per day), but with my doctors ok, I take it in smaller doses throughout the day. I find this works better, as I have nothing for BT pain.

I also take Lexapro, Cozaar, Nexium, Zocor, Klonopin, Elavil, and Ambien at night. In addition I take injectable Vitamin B-12 (1 cc) once a month. This is due to gastric surgery I had in 1975 for a perforated Duodenal ulcer. My systems no longer breaks down B-12 naturally or in pill form.

I am on Social Security Disability due to my Chronic Pain and Emphysema. I most likely will not ever go back to work.