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Sorry for the delay in replying, finals at school and other things have kept me busy. But on to my reply:

The reason its high, IMO, as well as my doctors is due to a long family history. Other than this, I am a very healthy young person. Not obese or anything, and get out pleanty and the only other reason I'm ever at the doctor is due to something like a sinus infection or etc.

My grand father had a massive heart attack at age 36, and it was very severe, almost killing him. This is the grandfather on my mother's side. He is not a large man by any means, and lives a very healthy lifestyle. He's about 6"0 and in great shape, he's almost 56 now and he's doing quite good, but still has problems with his BP. His wife, grandmother on my mom's side, has blood pressure problems as well, as does my mother, but hers is not very bad, and is easily treated with exercise.

My father, ironically, had a heart attack at age 36 as well. He has very high blood pressure like myself, and is keeping a hold on his by taking Cozaar. Grandfather on that side has high blood pressure as well, but no past heart attacks or heart problems. My grandmother on that side also has blood pressure problems, but no past heart conditions. Both grandparents on this side are managing their blood pressure with different doses of diovan.

My doctor has ended up switching me to Diovan 320, with HCTZ 25 (separate), and I believe this is what I'm going to be using from now on to control my BP, it's working better than any other.

Usually I keep a track on it at home, and its moderately high (140-150/75-85), but it gets MUCH higher at the doctor's office.