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I have another appt with my cardio doc on june 12th. Don't expect anything to come of it other than maybe them putting me on a new med. On Cozaar now.
[QUOTE=srivera;2995959]My Systolic normally runs in the 120-124 area, but my Diastolic is high 90's-low 100's. Any ideas as to the cause for this? Both Echo's showed nothing out of the norm but a slightly enlarged Aorta and left ventricle.

Hi, :)

Is your high blood pressure controlled with medication? Is it responsible for your enlarged LV, or do you have aortic stenosis? Mine is enlarged from having high BP. There are other drugs your cardiologist might find more suitable/effective than Cozaar if you have left ventricular hypertrophy, such as diuretics and beta blockers. These might also help you bring that diastolic down. Does Cozaar seem to be helping? Are you experiencing any adverse effects? What was your BP before going on Cozaar?

Diastolic pressure of 90-109 mmHg is considered moderately high, the 110-129readings are very high. It is just as dangerous as having high systolic, especially in people under 55. It is less common in young people but if present, it usually decreases with age while systolic increases. When present in younger people, it indicates that the arteries are under constant pressure, even between heart beats. Please note that higher rate of diastolic pressure can cause the same damage as high systolic to your organs, if left untreated or uncontrolled. You want to get that number down, if possible. Mine won't come down and is about the same as yours. It is lower than it used to be. I am having a hard time controlling my hypertension, it's drug resistant. :eek:

Good luck!