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Hi Lenin,

I know you are a big fan of diuretics, so I pose this question. I have been taking Cozaar for 3 months with limited success (145-150/90-95) Doc added Metoprolol 12.5 mg (baby dose) worked a little, then dropped my heart rate into the 40s. Quit the BB and started HCTZ, 12.5 mg. After taking it for 10 days now, it seems to be giving me modest results, but noticed that last night I actually got a 118/72 reading twice in the same evening. The only thing I could think was that I had worked pretty hard that day and probably sweated, plus had a couple of beers (more diuretic). Is this just an anomaly, or does it take several days for those to work? Today I am at 140/90 on 2 readings.

Regards, Brenden.

Thanks for the responses. To continue, the following evening after the good reading evening, I got another 2 good readings, 127/77. Again, though, this happened after the consumption of 2 beers. Beer has never had the effect of reducing my BP before. Red wine a little, but never beer. I am wondering why. My daytime readings are around 135-145/85-88.

Yesterday while taking a break at work, I experienced quite a spell of light headedness along with PVC's. I normally get PVC's, but never had this much light headedness with them. I was going to head home, but considered the traffic....so I went to the ER and of course got panicky, hot, etc.

EKG, bloodwork, etc. all came back fine. My electrolytes were normal. Was sent home with a Holter monitor and am supposed to return it this evening.

As for HCTZ, I never responded too much with it alone, but it does seem to help the Cozaar out. Lisinopril was the most effective med for me; 125/75 or lower on 10 mg. a day. But alas, horrible stomach cramps.

Regards, Brenden.