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I;m new but before I signed up to use this website I saw some things some were using. One was dried raisins soaked in lime juice, fenugreek and cinnamon, Then there was celery seed extract and something else. I can't find it now. The posts were very old. I am fed up with the bp meds I have been getting for the last four years. I'm diabetic. I had it under tight control with diet and Nature Made diabetic pack nuttrients and bp was fine with diazide and 12.5 mg cozaar four years ago. My bp is always higher in drs office than at home. I proved to my dr that my wrist cuff was accurate as his cuff and showed him reading in memory proving that my bp was always under 125/75. He wanted it that low in his office and told me to double cozaar. I'd also lost 25 lbs in 4 mos up to that point. I told him cozaar would raise my blood sugar. He said do it anyway. Blood sugar went up, gained weight back, bp went up more and was told to double cozaar again. Had Cobra ins, it ran out and he told me to get on medicaid and go to county drs. I stayed on meds but did not go to a dr. After a time my heart would pound and race shortly after taking cozaar, and left ankle swelled. Finally broke down to went to clinic connected to nearby hospital. My bp was 185/120. They switched my meds, and switched them and switched them some more. I have had adverse reaction to everything but nefidipine. I had some low back pain prior,and it became increasingly worse, then leg pain, hip, and knee pain and never attributed it to meds. I was given Benicar over a year ago. I took in an exhibit at a local church at Christmas time and the pain was so bad I had to sit down almost as soon as I got in the church. A lady there asked me if I'd like to use a wheelchair. I did. The year before they had the same thing going on and I walked for more than an hour before I had to sit.

I have a raised rock garden (over 1200 ft in my front yard) We had cold rainy spring and I worked when I could. Got a notice from the city to take care of all unattended vegetation and had 12 days to do it or get a fine. I'm on limited income, so I took L-arginine and L-ornithine to give me the strength to do it all. Also took hawthorn preparation I keep around when I get tired from overdoing it. I have never taken it more than 4 or 5 days straight. I'm on oxygen because my heart beats too fast (100 a min) to make up for lack of it. I used Vitamin O. A week after I was all done and not using this extra nutrients anymore I attended a health fair. My oximeter reading was 95-where they want it to be (it's normally 93) and I hadnt used oxygen at all that morning. My bp was 107/69 and my heart rate was 89. I hadn't yet taken Benicar. My bp has never been that low in my life, and benicar and nefidipine never really controlled it - 130-138 over 75-85. This low bp kept up for three weeks, during which time I stopped the benicar. Guess what? My hair has stopped falling out, ridges in my nails have gone away, my heart rate is around 80-85 most of the time, and my back, hip, leg and knee pain has gone away completely. I'm steadier on my feet and I can actually walk three blocks without pain and can work hours in yard. (First time in over three years). I took benicar one time last week. Next morning when I got up, all the pain was back and was as bad as the worst its been. I'm mad as he--. I'd told my dr about pain but he just makes a note in my chart. I'm due to go to him, but haven't made appt yet.

For the first time in four years, I actually feel like my old self, and I finally have energy again. The bp has crept up to near where it was while taking benicar, but it's no worse. I've taken the hawthorn and can't really tell if it's doing anything. I can breath better, so suspect it is. I've been taking herbs for 30 years and they don't scare me, but I research everything and seldom take anything new. If I thought hawthorn would do anything, I'd have taken it a long time ago. The l-arginine and l-ornithine seem to do more. Come hell-or-high water, I will find something that will work. If I don't, I may die, but I'm going to die living a life and not sitting on my butt because of pain and lack of energy caused by prescription drugs. And, I will never again take a bp drug that raises blood sugar. How does anything like that get approved??? The drs told me each one they were giving me raises blood sugar and I told them, "That's like throwing gasoline on fire". My blood sugar isn't under good control either. Metformin causes lots of problems for me too.

I want the recipe for the raisin, lime juice and fenugreek and cinnamon, if somebody out there has it and if they had success with it or not. I already take flaxseed, fish oil, CO Q10 and magnesium.

Sorry for the long post but I don't want recommendation for this-and-that in the way of prescriptions and all the above is the reason. Herbs or nutrients or foods work better for me than drugs. (Eventually I listen to my body and not the dr. I forgot that for a while) The trick is finding what works. Any ideas will be most appreciated.