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Norvasc: swollen ankles and extreme irritability (serious)

Propranalol, atenolol, nadolol: fatigue, exhaustion, ED, and insomnia (serious)

Enalapril (ACE inhibitor): endless coughing (serious)

Cozaar (ARB blocker): ineffectiveness (not very serious)

HCTZ: few problems but contiunuous low serum sodium on blood tests (not very serious)

Furosemide (Lasix): no problems at all...works well for BP and doubles at keeping my water retention to near nothing. <>

I currrently take Furosemide (40 mg) and Cozaar (50 mg.)
Hi Beth,

That was some good detective work!!! Isn't it enough to be a patient & have to take these yucky meds without having to keep on top of all these details!!!

Here's the rest of the story re: pharmacy & drugs. The second Rx worked but it too had a problem. I started finding pills with NO labeling-plain white instead of the Id of the manufacturer & the number of the drug. Of course, I wasn't going to take those pills. So off I when back to the pharmacy with my pills. I thought the pharmacist & assistant would have been alarmed that I had been given medicine without a proper indentification. The pharmacist told me to just forget it. I informed him of the potential seriousness of the situation for the average patient!!! Moral to the story, always check your pills before taking them. If I hadn't been so sick at the time from my Cozaar reaction I would have reported him to the pharmacy board.