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For the longest time there were people on this forum extolling how well DIOVAN treated them. Thus I am surprised lately to read about so many people having problems with DIOVAN? Well, I guess that's just how things are. :D
My own experience with ARB's is limited to COZAAR, which doesn't do much of anything for me pro or con because I am a pure salt sensitive hypetensive: Diuretics Über Alles.

Yes, BENICAR is the same drug class as DIOVAN. Will it do the same to you as the DIOVAN? Only you can find out.
What I would do if I had your past experience is to begin the BENICAR with the smallest doseage...5 mg. Maybe yout doc has a sample packet laying around because the stuff isn't cheap. Alternatively, if he prescribes 20 mg., you could start by quartering the pills.
That way, IF you have that same frightening reaction that you had with the DIOVAN, you will have it minimally and can then STOP taking the BENICAR.

Under no circumstances drop a 40 mg. tablet as your first dose...too risky.