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Hi Beth,

Don't worry about adding molasses to your Oatmeal!!! The fact that you are eating oatmeal for bk. makes you ahead of the pack!!! Isn''t molasses good for calcium too?
Jane Brody (NY times) in one of her nutrition columns about 10 yrs ago said to have a few treats that you wouldn't overdo on in your daily diet. I believe in having a lifelong diet instead of a weight loss diet. I try to keep creating lower cal/fat/sugar versions of my favorite foods but then there are some dishes that just have to remain intact. Just have less of them less often.

You are probably right about your friend's diet. While vegetables have protein especially the bean family, a persons needs more veg. protein gms to come to equal
meat protein gms. Eggs have quality protein & are the standard which other protein sources are compared. I
count my protein gms everyday so I don't get short.

I love salt!!! So I don't usually cook with salt for myself, but add it to each food serving so I can keep track of how much I use. I like to see it & tast it on food. One time I really went on a very low sodium diet (before b/p meds) for two months. My b/p didn't change a bit. I should do that again to see if there would be a change. but then again I would be a little nervous since I'm on a diuretic & might have the electrolyte issues.

You should swim especially if you have all that training as a lifeguard. I don't swim very well especially since my upper arms were damaged by Cozaar. I have to wear a foam wrap around vest to help keep me up in the water. I didn't need that before Cozaar. A lifeguard saved me from drowning when I was 14 so I have great respect for lifeguards. I took swim lessons for 1 yr.until we got to the diving part & the chlorine allergy to hold.

Once you really get into exercise the feel good hormones kick in & you are sold. It is so relaxing. Fam