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Hi OK,

I had a lupus reaction to Cozaar so I have to avoid any drugs that have that potential. I imagine you too have to consider Lupus when taking a b/p meds. In case you don't know you can find a list of drugs which have the potential for making Lupus worse. I'm not Labetalol with side effects but no allergic reactions so far. HCTZ is my other drug. I was apparently allergic to the pill form because of the dye in the drug. Now I have it made up in a capsule form without the dye.

Did the Dr. prescribe a a Epi Pen in case you have allergic reaction to a new med? I had to remind my Dr. to do this. I also keep Benedryl handy. One can take a drug for years & then suddenly have a fatal allergic reaction to it according to my Dr. & research findings.

Beta 1 blockers can be used cautiously for people with asthma (Dr. McGowan).

Does your b/p 150/90 at the Dr's office or home? Do you have "cuff anxiety?" What is your range of b/p's : relaxed,
doing routine work, stressed in daily activities? Fam