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[QUOTE]by Kat: Well I am up to 30mg. of Benicar with 200mg of ToprolXL. Before I take this medication my BP after coming in from tennis (3 hrs of it) is 150/80.
Every day within 3 hrs. of taking this medication my BP is up to 180/100.
I have never had antihypertensives actually raise Blood Pressure. Has anyone else out there experienced this?

Sorry I didn't notice this statement before but if I take my Cozaar (losartan) WITHOUT my Lasix (diuretic furosemide) my blood pressure will rise.
I have always felt that it is because I am a volume driven hypertensive with low renin and ACEI'S and ARBS will not lower my BP.

I take the losartan for two reasons: because it is the only BP med that is uricosuric (causes one to pee out uric acid.;) ,) and most diuretics if taken alone cause a RISE in renin-angiotensin release so the ARB will block that effect.
But alone as a BP med I find it worse than worthless.
Kat, perhaps you too are a salt-sensitive, aka V-type hypertensive.