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Hi Peny,

I'll take an oatmeal cookie (whole wheat please). Now I want to know how you're going to be a "belly dancer" without a belly button?

I was dumb & stayed in bed until 1:30am. I don't have a dog to blame as I was naughty & had an extra mug of hot cocoa & MY Acid Reflux would not be calmed. I should have hernia surgery too but at my present rate of medical mishaps I decided to live with it. So here I am trying to cleanup my family room otherwise known as the Doggie Room.

Have you tried writing in a journal? I find it really helps.
I have a recumbent exercise bike that is a perfect place to sit & write. I'm still trying to get my knees working again so I can ride it. Everytime I try my knees usually get worse. Cozaar damaged my knees, arms, hands. These meds aren't for sissies!!!

My husbands friend stayed the night last week. He had to have his leg amputated above the knee several years ago. He was laughing at me coming down the stairs saying he could go faster than I could with his replacement knee/leg works better than mine. He is a young 75 plus. He keeps trying to get me to participate in sports. I told him I do well to walk :) He plays horseshoes in the Senior Olympics.

Did you see the smallest dog on either Oprah or Martha Stewart this week? It was the same breed as yours.

When I was so sick with thyroiditis I slept in a lazyboy for 2-3 months as I could only sleep 2 hrs at a time. Anyhow I finally put a sign on my door not to awake me unless the house was on Fire!!! That's one reason I want to get those earphones so I will be prepared if I get another serious bout with Thyroiditis or anything else. Nightie Night!!! FAM