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Thanks for the replies all. Andy, I also have FM, so I know what a double whammy it is to have cardiac problems as well. My previous echocardiogram in July had an estimated LVEF of "aproximately 55-65% LV diastolic filling pattern impairment of relaxation to suggest mild diastolic dysfunction with no significant aortic stenosis but at least moderate regurgitaion. All 4 chambers appear grossly normal in size and thickness, normal L and R systolic function" I have requested the TEE and should have it in a couple of days.

I also want to thank whoever mentioned the Cleveland Clinic, I am investigating the possibility of going there for a second opinion once I see the doctor again. I was very impressed with their information on their website and even though we are supposed to have some great cardiac surgical units in Alabama, not a one of them made the US News and World Reports Top Hospital List. Cleveland Clinic was number 1 in one poll I saw and ranked 4th in the other.

I do have lots of questions and I doubt I will wait til November to talk with the doctor, as I have already had to change the ACE Inhibitor (now on Cozaar) due to worsening cough and chest tightness. I do want to have a chance to see the TEE report as that may answer some of my questions or give me some more to mull over.

I suppose I join the ranks of the smoked way too much and stressed too much on the job.