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I stand corrected. Cozaar is an Angiotension Receptor Blocker.

I don't really know what the measurements on the original echo mean, there were no measurements on the TEE other than est. LVEF of 55-60.

On the original echo:

LVD was 3.9 cm
LVS was 2.6 cm
Aortic valve area 1.9
aortic root 2.9
LVOT of 1.9
LV post wall and LV septal wall were 0.8
L atrium was 2.7
mitral valve area 3.1
First echo showed LVEF of 55-65 and stated LV diastolic filling pattern shows impairment of relaxation to suggest mild diastolic dysfunction.

No other values are included on either the echo or TEE reports.

The Cozaar is made by Merck, you can search by name and they have patient info and prescribing info.

Now it is hard for me to know whether I am so fatigued because of the heart or the fibromyalgia. I sleep more than I am awake. I guess my body needs the rest. But I can't slow down much more than I am at this time. I wouldn't be living if I slowed down anymore.:D

I know I don't really understand all that this entails but wouldn't all the valves need repair or at least the aortic and mitral for the left ventricle to pump efficiently?

Yes, Huck you and I are neighbors of sort, maybe there is something contagious about these maladies.;)