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Hi all again,

Just a quick update on my circumstances before I begin:

Male, 28, normal weight, diagnosed essential hypertension earlier this year, looking to find a good combination of drugs that work without side effects, most notably feeling dizzy and lightheaded almost all of the time.

A couple of weeks back my doctor took me off Hyzaar (ARB / HCTZ diuretic) and put me on Cozaar (ARB) as he thought it may be the diuretics that were causing the problems. It seems he was wrong as the symptoms have continued and I'm still concerned. Another thing he warned me about was a possible BP elevation after coming off the diuretics. On this he was right. Although my DIA stays fine (daily average 68), my SYS has risen to a daily average of 146 (previously 136). Since my last visit to the doctor I've spoken to a guy I work with who swears by an ACE inhibitior drug called Renitec, which he takes along with a diuretic called Natrilix. He claims to have no side effects from the drugs as well as excellent readings. As I have finally isolated the ARB as the cause of my problems, is it worth talking to my doctor about
ACE inhibitors? This is actually one of the few BP medications I haven't tried!

I remember someone (sorry, can't remember who) recently praising ACE medication and claiming that ARBs have the least effect on BP of all the drugs. Has anybody else made the transition from ARB to ACE? Side effects? I'd be interested to know about your experiences.

Thanks for reading,