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Hi Kat,

I have severe resistant HPB so went through the "mill" too with many bad reactions & now even have permanent damage to my knees etc from Cozaar.

I took Clonidine to for about two yrs. Did you know that your body gets used to Clonidine so you have to keep taking more & more. Also, it can actually cause your b/p to increase in some people (this is called a paradoxical response). I agree that it is very difficult to get off of Clonidine. It took me two tries & two months to get off of .1mg twice a day. I can help you with that.

I finally settled down to taking Labetalol & HCTZ which work great & have many advantages. They are both cheap generic ( I have to have HCTZ made up by a special pharmacy because I'm allergic to the dye).

Lebatalol is metabolized in the liver so it is supposed to be easy on the kidney. It is a apha/beta blocker which will decrease pulse rates but doesn't have all the negative beta blocker side effects. I find it easier on the stomach than the beta blockers I was on. It can be used in pregnancy so I feel it is safer than some of the other drugs.

The major negative for Lebetalol is if you have any Liver problems. You must have regular lab tests for liver problems. Alcohol use must be limited. Of course, there is fatigue. I think it is less than pure beta blockers. I'm on a huge dose 1800mg but most people only take maybe 200mg/day. Asthma is generally a contraindication for this drug but some people can take it, I guess. Especially if one's asthma is triggered by acid reflux which is controlled.

Don't give up. There will be a light at the end of the Rainbow.

Have you since that list of drugs Walmart sells for $4 a month? Sometimes the drug companies will provide you with meds if you can't afford them. Check with your pharmacy. Good luck. Fam