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I have permanent muscle damage to my upper arms from Cozaar. I would try another drug. Have you tried beta blockers? I'm on an Alpha/beta blocker which works for me with minimal side effects that I can work around. Labetatlol is the name of the drug.

I was only on Cozaar for 13 days & got other side effects (knee damage, drop in hemoglobin, damaged hands.) I wouldn't risk permanent damage to my body.

Have you done all the lifestyle stuff?

My first post didn't go through. Have you tried Labetalol which is a combo apha/beta blocker which works better for me than a pure beta blocker. I'm also on HCTZ.

I think you are taking a risk by tolerating muscle etc pain from b/p meds. You may get permanent damage from these meds. Cozaar gave me permanent damge to my knees, hands, upper arms. My blood count dropped & didn't return to normal for two yrs. I was on the drug 13 days!!!!

Perhaps you should see a B/P specialist at a major medical center.